Our History

Our founder and owner was born and raised on the reservation. He envisioned ON-AUK-MOR in response to the very high levels of unemployment on the reservation. He believes that a profitable business on the reservation employing reservation community members fosters pride in the reservation and in individuals. This pride spreads to who we are and what we can do. Our growth, the advancement of our employees over the years, and our customers support that belief.
Our founder realized that his new enterprise could help address many of the problems he became aware of as he grew up on the reservation. "In order to be sovereign, we had to be financially self-sufficient and learn the system. ON-AUK-MOR is one way to do that." In addition, this new business would open up communication between the non-Indian communities and the reservation. "Many people in the surrounding areas didn't know, and some still don't know, that we are located on a reservation."